The Four Building Blocks Of Growing a Business – Key #1

Do You know what the Four Key Building Blocks are in Building a Business??

Key Building Block #1:

Why? – You need a Big Why – Why are you doing this? (It’s bigger than just making money.) The most important, least asked question in business – Why?

I recently attended the Business Maturity Date and Ideal Lifestyle Workshop and it has helped me and my team get a whole new perspective on what’s possible with the Women’s Small Biz Network.  And that why we wanted to offer it to all of you!! ( See for more details)

My Big Why is “Living The Dream” and inspiring others to do the same! Imagine a world where everyone was doing what they loved to do and what they were meant to do – everyone was living their purpose and their passion and living their dream.

Our goal on the Women’s Small Biz Network is to “Empower Women to Live Their Dreams Both in Business and In Life” The Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

A woman living her passion empowers not only herself as an individual, but it also empowers the men in her life, it empowers her children, her family, and her community, and it causes a ripple effect throughout the entire world. To me, this is a game worth playing.  If, through the Network, I can empower even just one woman to fully step into the power of who she is and give her the tools to create a successful business that supports her, her family, and her lifestyle, then I have fulfilled my purpose and I am living my dream.

With this “Big Why” in mind we have begun to focus in how to use the Women’s Small Biz Network to empower YOU at a whole new level.  Here is a preview of what we will are launching…

3 to 5 Club

Our first 3 to 5 Club kicked off in October 2011!! We have created a powerful partnership with the Crankset Group that will allow us to offer the 3 to 5 Club to all the women on the Network.

This on-line club will support YOU in making more money in less time, enable you to use your business to build your ideal lifestyle within 3 to 5 years, and connect & collaborate on a whole new level with like-minded women entrepreneurs!

Want to know more? Visit


The Women’s Small Biz Network Starter Kit

Many of you have asked how you can get the most out of the network.  We have created a 10-step process to train you, let you know what the network has to offer and help you get the most out of the resources that are available.  The Starter Kit contains coupons, discounts, and free month of the Tap Into Your Power Hour, a Business Assessment and free 30-minute coaching session. Anyone currently on the network can get the Starter Kit at a greatly reduced price.

Anyone who is a Founding or Featured Member is welcome to add a coupon for their product or services to our Starter Kit.  Send me an e-mail at for more information.

With the release of the Starter Kit, we have also started charging a small set-up fee for any brand new members to add their business profiles to the Network. If you are currently a part of the network and already have a profile, your set-up fee has been waived and you will remain an active member of the Network. Sign up as an affiliate to get paid for helping us grow the network.

Tap Into Your Power Hour

Take your skills to the next level.  The Tap Into Your Power Hour provides month-long training and group coaching sessions on technical and empowerment topics such as Social Media, Creating a Blog, Finding your Passion, Marketing, etc.

Click on the Events tab above to see what’s coming up in the next few Tap Into Your Power Hour months. We have some exciting speakers lined up!



Free Business Building Webinar Series

We have two regular Free Webinar Series where you can learn valuable information to help you with your business and your life, and get to know the women on the Network. YOU ALSO have an opportunity to lead one of our webinars and share your knowledge and expertise with the world!

BUSINESS SKILLS FOR THE BUSY WOMAN (or Man) Each week we provide valuable information on ways that you can create, strategize, market and run your business successfully! These Webinars are available free if you attend LIVE or watch the recorded webinar the first week it is posted.  Each week the newest recorded webinar is posted and the previous weeks webinar is archived and available for purchase for only $20.

KICK OFF YOUR SHOES & COLLABORATE This webinar series highlights the skills, talents and expertise of the women on the Network!  Everything from “Stepping Into Your Power” to “How To Keep & Archive Your Photos” to “The Importance of Buying Organic.”  There is a rich source of knowledge and expertise that can support you in all areas of life.


We have two options for leading a webinar…

1.  If you are teaching business skills and have an affiliate program with a regular product, course or service you offer we would love to talk with you further about creating a joint venture partnership. We believe in Win-Win-Win collaborations and we would love to see how your information could benefit our members.  Please send me an e-mail directly at for more information.

2.  If you would like to lead a webinar on ANY TOPIC and would like to utilize that webinar to offer valuable information, bring more recognition to your product or service, create a digital product that you can sell, give-away, or use as promotion – we offer several different webinar production packages.  We support you by taking care of all the technical issues, giving you a platform and an audience, helping you create, promote & market your webinar. We also give you a master copy of the video file, audio file, and DVD Master and support in using that material in your own marketing efforts in create additional streams of revenue for your business.

To find out more go to or contact Stephanie Roth at

We look forward to getting to know you and “seeing” you on the Network!

Here’s to Your Success!  You Deserve It!


Karen Sherwood
Founder – Women’s Small Biz Network
Connect & Collaborate ~ Together We All Win


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