Four Important Things You Should Know on The Women’s Small Biz Network!

Happy Summer all You Amazing Women!

Wow – has anyone else noticed that there has been a lot of shifting going on lately?

My husband & I just moved.  When our house went on the market, we figured we had at least a few months before we had to think about packing and moving. Thanks to the work I’m doing with the Prosperity Shift our house sold in ONE DAY and we found  a new place, packed and moved in less than a month!!  Sometimes when change happens, it happens quickly.  It’s been a whirlwind,  but things are aligning in magical ways and everything is manifesting in perfect order!

We are all being called to step into who we are truly meant to be, and to do what we are here on this planet to do!!  The time is now!  The Universe works in mysterious ways. Jobs, relationships, homes, lifestyles, activities, all the things that are not in alignment with who we are, are beginning to fall away or jolt us into waking up.  Sometime it’s difficult to let go; however, the more we hang on, the harder and the more painful the transition.

I have been fortunate, but I know many others who have been struggling.

It’s time to get re-focused, re-grounded and re-aligned with our purpose and passion!

Acceptance on The Women's Small Biz NetworkThe Women’s Small Biz Network has gone through its growing pains as well in looking for its purpose and direction.  I was struggling for quite some time trying to do everything myself and feeling like I could barely keep my head above water.  My KEY learning? Ask for and ACCEPT help!  I realized I was asking for the help – I was just not ACCEPTING it.  ACCEPTANCE is the key to shifting to the next level of awareness and moving forward in these crazy, unpredictable times!

When life has turned everything upside down, sometimes it’s hard to know who we are and what we are meant to do.  We may have a vague idea or maybe we are questioning our current direction.

Believe me, WE UNDERSTAND!!

Stephanie Roth and I have been working with a system called Human Design.  It’s an amazing and revolutionary system that reveals the DNA of your true nature and helps you to understand and live your life according to your unique Human Design.  This allows you to understand your essence and live  true to your nature, while letting go of the conditioned, inauthentic, hollow beliefs  of  what you think “should be.“  It also provides a lot of much-needed validation to know that  you are on the right path!

In using this process on ourselves and aligning it to our businesses we have tapped into a whole new level of Power for ourselves personally that we have been able to harness to gain focus for the Women’s Small Biz Network as well as for our individual projects and businesses.

It has given us a whole new level of ACCEPTANCE – accepting ourselves, who we are, and what we have to offer the world as well as the right business vehicles necessary for our success.  It has allowed me personally to accept the help I need and create the team necessary to move the Women’s Small Biz Network to the next level.

A Big Thank You to each of you for hanging in there with me!

We have so much stuff happening and I don’t want you to miss anything!

So…..Here are the  Four Important Things You Should Know!


Accepting Help/Support – Who is on your team? Who is there to give you support?

I want to introduce you to two of our New Official WSBN TEAM MEMBERS (so I’m not doing it alone – YEAH and THANK YOU!)

Stephanie Roth on The Women's Small Business NetworkSTEPHANIE ROTH: Director of Dream & Product Creation.  Stephanie Roth is an amazing coach, trainer and support!!  She is a key player/coach in the “Tap Into Your Power Hour” mastermind sessions and is in charge of supporting the women on the Network in connecting with their Dreams & Passions and being able to be able to share those dreams and passions through giving Webinars and creating Digital Products.

Please contact Stephanie about doing a Webinar or creating digital products on the Women’s Small Biz Network, or if you are stuck or stopped in knowing your next steps in business or in life so you are freed up to follow your dreams.

Debra Goodman on the Women's Small Business NetworkDEBRA GOODMAN: Operations and Business Relations Director:  Debra Goodman provides the much-needed structure on the Network to help keep us on track operationally.  She is also a master at customer and business relations.

Please Contact Debra if you have any questions or issues concerning the network, or if you need any support yourself in how to relate better with your customers.  She will also be updating website postings and connecting personally with members to see how we can best support you.  Please let her know when you have any ideas or suggestions!

#2 –  You Can Give and Attend Webinars!!

Accepting that you have something important to share with the world and there are others that need what you have to share. Are YOU sharing YOUR gifts, knowledge & wisdom?  Are you taking the time to receive the information shared by others?

We are re-launching our two Free webinar series and we are looking for presenters . If you have ever considered giving a webinar – here’s YOUR opportunity.  Even if you have NEVER given a webinar before or are not sure how – it is a great way to step up and step out – we will support you along the way.

Click Here for more Details

ALSO-  Watch for and attend the Free Webinars we have scheduled!  Learn new and amazing information and support your fellow women business owners as they share their insights, skills, products and services.

Register Today for one of our Upcoming Webinars:


THIS THURSDAY!!Eli Davidson on the Women's Small Business Network





#3 – Here’s How YOU Can Get Unstuck and Tap Into Your Authentic Power

Women's Small Business Network's Tap Into Your Power Hour

Accepting YOUR own POWER and abilities.   Do you have the support YOU need to Tap Into YOUR Power?

Stephanie Roth and I have created several exciting programs to support you in powerfully moving forward and tapping into your Authentic Power both personally and professionally.

TAP INTO YOUR POWER HOUR – Our weekly on-line group training, coaching, support and mastermind webinar sessions. Visit . Take a look at our upcoming themes and imagine how you could move your business forward by learning new skills and being personally coached in the following topics:

  • June – Getting The Ball Rolling – Getting Unstuck
    Join the last two sessions free – register and get the log-in info at :
  • July –  Social Media Magic by Expressing the Authentic YOU.
  • August –  Living Your Passion & Purpose in Business
  • September – Finances & Funding – Your Money, Your Business, Your Life
  • October – Creating a Business Strategy
  • November – Creating a Marketing Strategy
  • December – How to Make Money By Appreciating Your Customers

The TAP INTO YOUR POWER HOUR is EVERY WEDNESDAY at 11:30 am MST (1:30pm EST, 12:30pm CTS, 10:30am PST). We start each session with 20-30 minutes of in-depth training lead by Karen & Stephanie and topic area specialists. The last 30-40 minutes are focused on coaching and masterminding with participants on how you can apply the topic at hand specifically to YOUR business.

Introductory Special –Get the Last TWO Sessions of June free by registering at  THEN four webinar sessions and access to all past recordings for ONLY $5 for the FIRST MONTH to give it a try.  After that it is ONLY $49 a month – That is only $12.25 per session!  Where else can you get this much training, support and coaching for less than $50 a month?


Human Design Webinar on the Women's Small Business NetworkUnderstand who you were truly designed to be and how you can apply that design in creating and growing the business you have always dreamed of.  Often we are unclear of who we truly are, what our purpose is, and how to uncover or channel our passion.  Though our Human Design Reports and One-On-One Human Design Assessments and Coaching, you can understand and tap into a whole new level of understanding and focus around who you are designed to be and how to best express your gifts to the world.  Click Here to Learn More .

#4 – We Have an Exciting Member Challenge Coming in JULY where you can win valuable prizes.

Accepting that learning new skills and connecting with others can be FUN & REWARDING! Sometimes we don’t know how easy something is until we try.  Are you trying and learning new things daily?

Member Challenge Level 1 on the Women's Small Business NetworkHave fun and participate on the network in JULY!  Learn to navigate social media, get the most out of the Women’s Small Biz Network, and win valuable prices just for participating!!  Watch for future e-mails with all the details!!

Note: To prepare for this challenge we are also transferring our e-mail list to a better e-mail delivery system – some of you are currently already in the new system – some are not.  So be watching for an e-mail – when you opt-in you will also receive some video Power Tips to support you in the upcoming MEMBER CHALLENGE!

So, there you have it! The FOUR Important Things You Should Know! AND there is even more to come, so stay tuned!  It’s been great reconnecting and we look forward to getting to know you even better and supporting you with your business.

Until next time, have an AMAZING SUMMER!  Here’s To Your Success!  You Deserve It!


Karen Sherwood
Founder – Women’s Small Biz Network
(303) 349-1525

Connect & Collaborate ~ Together We All Win


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