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Power Tip #1 on the Women's Small Business Network

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CONGRATULATIONS for making the commitment to be a SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur!
Here on The Women’s Small Biz Network we hope to inspire, guide, support and teach how to be massively successful along the way.

These “POWER TIPS!!” are small, easy steps you can take immediately to increase your visibility, your productivity, and your business’ bottom-line! Each POWER TIP has a POWER TIP ACTION which are small action steps that lead you closer and closer to bigger and bigger successes!

Our goal is to support YOU in living your Passion and living your Dreams both in business and in life!!

These first several tips will help you get familiar with the Benefits of being a Member of The Women’s Small Biz Network.
We will show you how YOU can receive the most visibility, support and success.

The Women’s Small Biz Network will provide a training ground and support structure for expressing yourself on-line as well as in
person. Think about how you can apply each of these tips beyond the Network into other areas and arenas of your life!

Some of these tips may seem ridiculously simple. Realize that the simplest Tips are usually the most POWERFUL!
Put all these things together and you have a sure recipe for SUCCESS!

Let’s start with POWER TIP #1 to get the Ball Rolling…



That’s right – just take a few minutes right NOW and JUST DO IT!!
We often get stuck in paralysis my analysis, or waiting until everything
is perfect, or putting it off to do later, etc…What IF – instead of waiting
and procrastinating we did that one little thing right NOW!


Write “JUST DO IT NOW!” on a sticky note or piece of paper
and post it in your work area to remind you to “Just Do It Now!”
whenever you get stuck.

Remember, when you take ONLY A FEW MINUTES to complete each POWER TIP ACTION you will feel an immediate sense of success and accomplishment. We all know that Success breed More Success – So our goal is to help you FEEL successful right from the START.

Congratulations! You Did It!

Thanks again for adding your energy, personality and passion to the Network!

Look forward to getting to know you!

Here’s To Your Success!! You Deserve It!!

Karen Sherwood - Women's Small Business Network

Karen Sherwood


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