“Secrets of Selling in The Current Economy” with Hugh Liddle

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“Successful Sales in ANY Economy” with Hugh Liddle

Hugh Liddle - Learn to Have Successful Sales in ANY Economy!

Learn to Have Successful Sales in ANY Economy!

You will discover….

1) Everyone Sells!: Think you aren’t a salesperson? Think Again!!
A successful sale begins with what we believe…about ourselves, our company, our product or service, our prospects and our chances for success. What do YOU believe about you? You will learn how to set yourself up mentally and emotionally for successful sales encounters.

2) The Evolution of Sales: The Hard Sell vs. Symbiotic Selling
The day of the hard sell and the product pitch is gone. The day of symbiotic relationship selling is here! Learn how to structure your sales process to meet your prospects’ needs so they WANT to buy from you!

3) Selling AFTER the Sale: Find out how to successfully continue the sales process, AFTER the prospect has made a buying decision, to generate additional sales and referrals

4) Economy Schmonomy: The Greatest Time To Sell Is NOW!
Discover the truth about selling in a difficult economy, like the one that may be headed our way right now.

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